Friday, May 8, 2009

Christmas shoes

These were all of the shoes I made for Christmas '08 for my kids and all of the Neices and Nephews.

Fun at a park in Missoula, MT

We went to Missoula with Clay when he went to take his test to become an insurance adjuster.
While we were waiting, the kids and I happened upon this neat playground. This was in Fall of '08

Rachel Learning to walk around Nov. '08

I think this was in November of '08. It may have been October. She was just learning to walk behind her push toy.

Christmas at Granny's

Clay rebuilt the reindeer antlers for Granny this year. It's about time they got new ones!

They're only about 10 years old (or was that before his Mission?!?). I guess I'm the one taking the picture.

Fun at Old Bainbridge Park

Here's a few fun posed pics of Kaylie, Miriam and Ammon from Jan. '09 in Florida.

Leaving the beach

A few more pictures just before we left the beach to go back to Granny's. Isn't that when we traditionally take most of the pictures?

Fishing at the beach

The kids had fun fishing off of the dock too, eventhough you only caught
small fish there.

Zak the fisherman

Zak had a fun time fishing with Papa Jack, Uncle Wes and Jerry this Summer. When he went out with them he came back with the biggest fish!

Riding in the boat

I have to say it is such fun getting a small baby in a life vest and trying to keep them happy in it!

Fun at the junior Museum

We had a fun time at Granny's this past Dec. '08 thru Feb. '09 Here's a few pictures at the Jr. Museum.

Zak's baptism

Here's a picture from Zak's baptism May 2008 Left to right; Miriam, Eden (my Neice), Kaylie, Ammon and Zak holding Rachel

Kaylie in costume June 2008

Here's a closeup of her in costume for the performance last year.

Kaylie's dance recital June 2008

This one is a large file. It's Kaylie's dance recital. The whole dance. This was last year. Hopefully it won't take nearly this long to get this year's recital dances up. Kaylie is the one in pink in the back. She was supposed to be about 10 feet to the left :) Ah, performance jitters!