Friday, April 3, 2009

We had fun dancing at a Ward activity. That's Ammon Miriam and me (Katie) dancing together and Kaylie (in the tye dye) dancing with one of the YW (Faithe James)

Ammon LOVES birthday parties! He was having fun and posing for pictures at mine.

Just a quick pic from my B-day party. Wow the kids are growing! Those are not ALL mine!

Rachel sure is getting big! She's 16 months old now. After I took pictures of Kaylie in her new PJ pants Rachel wanted to have her picture taken too! After I took one she climbed up wanting to see it on the camera. She then climbed down and started posing for another! Then climbed back up to see LOL. What a smiley baby!

I'm teaching Kaylie to sew as part of homeschooling. We've been working on a quilt for her bed, but that is taking too long to get done with alot of work involved. So I decieded on a quick sewing project this week. She made PJ pants! She did quite well. I only had to reinforce the seam in the seat of the pants after it came undone today (about 3 in. down her butt and at the Doctor's office no less!).

I'm trying to develop my own pattern for cloth diapers. Here's my first attempt. It still needs a little bit of work, but I have the world's cutest model!